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IECSC Speakers


IECSC offers top of the class education through our conference programs at IECSC New York, IECSC Las Vegas, and IECSC Florida.

IECSC attendees come from all over the world, year after year, to learn from the successful industry entrepreneurs, CEOs, trail-blazing estheticians, popular influencers and other spa and wellness professionals who participate in the conference program by sharing their insider insights in a classroom setting. IECSC attendees are known to be life-long students, and speakers continue to make valuable and profitable connections with them.



  • Most classes are one hour in length and attendees pay to attend
  • Classes must be engaging and educational
  • Topics should be unique, specific and compelling



  • Speakers who are regional to our show’s location
  • Speakers who have a following and can attract attendance
  • Experienced presenters who can provide at least 2 references


We believe education uplifts and strengthens our industry and we appreciate your interest in sharing your time and talents.